Alabama payday advance

The industry of pay day loan is growing at an enormous rate in America. It is true that there are a lot of advantages of pay day loans but it is important that you are aware of the laws governing the short term cash loans business in order to avoid any kind of problem when taking bad credit loan. Each state in the US has its own set of laws governing pay day loans. Like wise the payday loans in Alabama or AL has its own set of rules and regulations. Thus if you want to take the advantages of Alabama payday loans it is important that an individual is aware of the rules that are applicable for residents of Alabama. Only then can you prevent Alabama payday advance or bad credit problems.

In fact if you are not aware of the rules governing the payday loans Alabama it might prove dangerous for the borrower as well as the lender. To manage cash advance loans, it is important to understand the process first. Generally AL payday advance companies give short term fast loans to people in times of financial emergency. The time period involved in cash advance Alabama or AL is around two weeks to a month. A payday loan Alabama requires the borrower to write the financial institution a check that includes payday loans AL amount and the extra fees. Then the amount of payday loans Alabama gets transferred through electronic transfer or check.

When the time period of the Alabama payday loan gets over the company engaged in payday loans in Alabama cash the given check unless the borrowers has requested for extension or roll over. If the borrower has the money in the account, the transaction gets over when the loan company cashes their check.

The laws regulating the payday loans in AL or Alabama is more or less similar to the regulations of other states like Alaska. The laws offer adequate protection to the lenders involved in the payday loans AL or Alabama. The lenders in case of AL payday loans leaving them exempt from the usury and small loan laws in place in the state. In all US states, lenders can provide loans based upon checks with triple digits interest rates as well. Again the borrowers according to the payday loan in Alabama or AL can take as many short term fast loans as possible but the loan amount in case of cash loan should not be more than $500.

Other Laws Governing The AL Payday Loans
Loan Amount: The maximum short term loan or bad credit loans amount in case of cash fast of Alabama should not exceed $500.
Repayment Time Limit: The cash advance AL loan repayment period is also been limited ranging from 10 days to 31 days.
Time Extension: Extension is possible only once in a cash advance Alabama or AL.
Finance Fee: The fee charged by lenders on the fast cash is also regulated. The laws of the Alabama cash advance states that the lenders cannot charge a fee more than 17.5 percent of the total amount of the fast cash. In case of default the maximum monthly finance rate which can be charged is 3 percent.

But to get the proper benefits of payday advance Alabama or AL it is important that one is careful about the safety and security of the online fast loan. Generally the system is safe enough in Alabama but it is important that you check out the no fax system because that sometimes the no fax system may give rise to security issues. So it is important that you are well aware of the all the rules governing the payday loan AL or Alabama. Unless you do so you will not be able to get all the benefits of AL payday loan. So you can plunge into payday loans in AL without worrying much.

Hence it can be concluded saying that payday loan in AL acts a life boat in times of emergency. But there are certain disadvantages associated with cash advance AL as well. In the first place people gets into the habit of AL cash advance and gets into the vicious circle of loans. Since these loans are easily available it will decrease the tendency in people to save. Best approach is to use services, like extloansusa as a temporary solution and here money should not be borrowed for a long period of time. Also, borrowers should stay away from unethical lenders and illegal practices when it comes to bad credit.

Payday Loan Reqirements

What You Need To Know About Payday Loan Requirements?

When we talk about payday loan, there is least number of payday loan requirements you need to full fill. These loans have been especially designed to make it a hassle free process for an individual to borrow loan at its earliest. This distinguishes payday loan from other types of loans, where lenders or banks consume huge amount of time to approve your loan amount.

What Is Required?

  • In order to become eligible for payday loan, the most important requirement is to have a payday. This means you need to be in a regular job and must not be self-employed or a freelancer.
  • The second requirement is to have a minimum monthly pay to apply for payday loans. Generally, it is $1000, however, it can change according to the policies of the lenders.
  • You need to have an active bank account, which has been in operation for at least 3 months.

What Is Not Required?

  • You don’t require having a good credit score to becoming eligible for payday loans, as even a bad credit scorer can apply for these loans.
  • You are not required to fax any documents to the mender, with whom you are applying for payday loan.
  • You also don’t require collateral, as payday loans are unsecured loans. Thus, the lender doesn’t consider, whether you have a home or not.
  • Finally, you don’t require having a fixed bank balance, as the lender is not interested in how much money is possessed by your account.